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  • Intensives

    What is an intensive?  

    An intensive is a personalized treatment plan that allows you to skip the waitlist.  You will get faster access to select spots that are designed to support your preferred schedule and timeline for your treatment goals.

    Intensive sessions are 3 hours a day over several days that focus completely on the issue you have identified as wanting to work on.  

    The format of an intensive may allow overall treatment time to be reduced because:

    • less time is spent checking in at the beginning of each session
    • we address the most current issue or problem you have and not crises that come up between traditional weekly sessions
    • we don’t have to focus on stabilizing and regaining composure at the end of sessions 

    How does an intensive work?

    • We meet beforehand to assess your needs, identify your goals, and develop a treatment plan
    • During the intensive we engage in the specific modality to address your needs
    • After the intensive we will meet again for a post-intensive assessment to reflect on what was learned and how the intensive has been incorporated into your daily life